Making a donation to the Christ Church Network

There are many reasons why I might donate to the church:

  • I like to do my bit

  • I want to support the work of the church in the community

  • I am a church member and I want to pay my dues

  • I am a follower of Jesus, and giving is part of being a disciple

  • I truly believe that Jesus, “demands my soul, my life, my all”

‘My giving is a response to the many blessings from God in my life.’

Whatever your reason, as a church, we welcome and are thankful for your donation.

A regular donation can be made by standing order, or by a weekly envelope. These may be ‘Gift Aided’ if your circumstances allow.                

Other donations can be made at the offering, or using the white envelopes under the seats if you wish to ‘Gift Aid’ your donation.

By agreeing to ‘Gift Aid’ you allow us to claim some of the income tax you have paid, at no extra cost to yourself.

Contact our treasurer, Michael Hart ( or 01262 404107) for further information.

To make a donation now, to support the Christ Church Network, click on the Donate Button below.