CCBN has many leaders across different areas - too many to mention! Below you will find a little information about the team that is based at the Key Centre. If you want to get in contact with any of them then please fill in a contact form or get in touch with the church office.

Mark Carey

CCBN team leader

Mark leads the team who lead the teams. Officially he is the Vicar of Christ Church Bridlington with Bessingby St Magnus, St Mark’s Westhill, St Andrews Ulrome and a few other churches! He is a member of the Order of Mission (, a trustee of Kairos Connexions (, as well as a long term supporter of New Wine (

John Dixon

Community Services Team Leader

John leads a team that reaches and serves the community in many different ways. He is also one of the leaders of the Christ Church 11am One Big Family Gathering.

Rev Steve and Rev Margaret Dye

Chaplaincy Team and Lighthouse Church

Steve and Margaret are in active retirement at Christ Church. They lead a team that helps us all care and support each other, as well as encourage everyone to draw closer to God in prayer. They also lead Lighthouse Church.

Jane Harris

Operations Team Leader

Jane oversees the support infrastructure for the different parts of CCBN.

Michael Hart

overseer of finances

Michael works across different teams and projects to provide financial accountability as well as ensure that money follows and supports our vision. He is also a Reader in the Church of England and co-leads pastoral support with his wife Polly.

Church Wardens

Keith Gibbons, Chris Lyle and Chaz Walker

The church wardens take responsibility to ensure the churches that make up our network are healthy and running appropriately day to day. They support, uphold and occasionally challenge the Vicar! Chris and Keith are wardens for Christ Church and Chaz for Bessingby. None of them know everything that is going on, but together they bring a great deal of wisdom.

Bev Hall

Discipleship Coordinator

Along with Mark Carey, Bev oversees the development of different pathways of discipleship across CCBN. She is also on the leadership team of the Christ Church 9am Service.

Jo Traves

Leader of the Christ Church Early Learning Team

Jo leads a team that reaches a wide range of families with different needs. They are committed to professional excellence with a human touch that builds trust and promotes loving kindness.

Emma Miles

Community Development and Evangelism leader for Westhill and Christ Church

Westhill is a special place of focus for her role but she will also be found contributing to CCBN as part of the team in various different ways.

Network Leaders

Network Leaders take responsibility for the different expressions of church that make up our Network. They develop core teams as we believe that we serve God’s mission the best together.



Sophia enables and provides IT skills training, back to work job clubs, healthy eating programme, life skills training and support to help people be self-sufficient and become an integral part of the community. 



Toni leads the team that is developing the Doorstep Community project – a drop-in for people with accommodation or financial issues. Much more than a foodbank…